Membership info:
You can now join Caledonia Trailblazers online at the following link:
New York State Snowmobile Association Membership Web Site NYSSA on line
You can pay by VISA or MasterCard and print your own voucher.
The Voucher should be printed in color, black and white copies may not be accepted by the DMV.
TO Mail in your Membership or bring to a meeting to get a voucher printed in color
The  Caledonia Trailblazers membership application are available here -> Membership Application
Important Membership information for all NEW and Current members.
The Caledonia TrailBlazers now have the NYSSA vouchers now required to get the reduce registration fee when you register your snowmobiles. When you join the club, $30 single or family memberships  you will receive a voucher. This voucher will cover all the sleds registered to the name and address listed on the voucher.

What is a family?
A family membership consist of two names, (last names don't matter, any "couple") and any children 17 and under that intend to register a sled in their names at one address. NYSSA will count the membership as one as only $5.00 is forwarded to NYSSA and the first spouse will receive the magazine, etc. The whole family needs to have the same address. The sleds have to be registered to one of those names in the family with that same address.   For instance if Sally Smith is 20 years old and living home with her parents, going to Brockport State, rides a registered snowmobile registered to her father, there would be no problem being under family membership.  If Sally is 20 years old, living in an apartment and working a job, and still going to school, has her own snowmobile registered to her, then she really isn't a family membership.

There are several ways to join the club.
First, by mailing in an application, applications are available online. Then the club will return a voucher by mail. Come to a club meeting fill in an application and receive a voucher.
Second, on line through NYSSA. Monies collected on the NYSSA site will be set aside and transferred to club accounts on a monthly basis (Minus a transaction fee.)
Also, if someone joins your club and they have an e-mail address and have paid with a check, and that check clears, the on-line system will allow you to go in and produce on-line voucher, and send it to them through e-mail.